Service San Antonio areas!

Repair and replacement fixtures for things like dripping faucets, running toilets, jammed garbage disposals, leaking water heaters, sump pumps, shut off valves, outside hosebibs, laundry tubs, locate and repair leaks.

Installation of New Equipment

San Antonio Plumbing can recommend and install any manufacturer's equipment including faucets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, hot tubs, etc. We can complete the entire installation from start to finish or just perform the final connections as needed by the customer. San Antonio Plumbing service trucks are completely stocked with 100's of new fixtures, a great assortment of replacement and repair parts, and every imaginable tool to complete your service wishes without having to leave your home.

Drain Cleaning

We also unclog drains, repair or replace water, drain and sewer lines. We have various equipment to quickly solve these problems and a video camera that can show you the inside of your pipes.

Well Systems
Well pumps and piping, conditioning and filtering, water tanks, controls, and water pressure restored.

Hot Water Heaters & Steam Heating Systems
Repair and replacement of hot water, steam and radiator systems, feeders expansion tanks, bleed radiators and control work.

Gas Heating Systems
San Antonio Plumbing has Licensed Master Gas Fitters for Oil to Gas conversion, relief valves, and troubleshooting no heat situations.



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